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April 6, 2022

4.30 A Conversation with Joey Yow

4.30 A Conversation with Joey Yow

This week Jimmy talks with New Jersey theatre and film teacher Joey Yow. He talks about building a thriving middle school program, developing film classes, and his professional work and outreach with his local theatre company.

Joey’s Recommended Resources:

YouTube videos (5-10 minutes long) that can help teach basic skills and concepts that you as a teacher can build off of and begin exploring with your students


Film Riot

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Joey Yow


Video producer with fifteen years experience in freelance directing and editing, an educator with thirteen years of experience in educational arts programming, and a non-profit and professional theatre manager. Deeply invested in social activism and removing barriers to entry in education and the arts.

Manager and organization builder with a combination of unique experience in entertainment and education, production management, and a strong creative and visual sense. Organized, efficient, and experienced in managing timelines of multiple projects. Highly collaborative colleague, comfortable in working with cross-agency teams, while also adept at working independently.