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Amazing Resource!

Listening to ThedTalks is all the wonderful things about visiting a colleagues classroom without giving up your lunch hour. Start listening right now!

Thought provoking and joy filled

This podcast never fails to make me smile and consider new ways of approaching my work. Dr. Chrismon and his guests help the world of theatre education feel smaller and more connected. I listen to new episodes on mornings when I need wisdom and laughter in my commute!

Thank you!

There are very few inspirational educational podcasts for drama teachers, to be honest this has been only one I found. Sound quality is good, and the pacing is excellent. The interviews are interesting, and give me solid ideas for my middle school and high school classes. Even when a friend is being a guest, the discussion usually is professional and on track.

Inspiring and Useful

I’ve never really been a podcast listener until recently. I have really been inspired by all of the podcast so for. I have listened and even responded to the podcast. Yes, I know they can’t hear me but the reaction from first year teacher me has related to so many of the topics touched through these podcast. This is amazing avenue for all teachers to connect, to relate and to be inspired to revamp, to renew, and to rework their teaching.

Informative, fun and interesting. If you are a thoughtful person you will enjoy listening and also, if you are not a thoughtful person, you should listen just to hear the pleasant and soothing tone of voice delivered by the host, Dr. J Chrismon....I’m not a theater teacher and every episode has been worth my while. 😊