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May 18, 2022

4.36 A Conversation with Dr. Adam Carter

This week Jimmy talks with his husband Dr. Adam Carter, Clinical Director for the National Alliance for Children’s Grief. He talks about the collective trauma and exhaustion we are all experiencing, burnout and compassion fatigue, and self-care practices for better …

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May 11, 2022

4.35 A Conversation with Michael Avila

This week Jimmy talks with Texas theatre education professor Michael Avila. He talks about his time as an arts administrator, his theatre education program at The University of Texas at Austin, and culturally responsive teaching.

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May 4, 2022

4.34 A Conversation with Maria Beilke and Jake Noble

This week Jimmy talks with two Season 3 alumni checking in on their student teaching experience this spring. Maria Beilke from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and Jake Noble from Ball State University talk about what they have learned …

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April 27, 2022

4.33 A Conversation with Emily Hageman

This week Jimmy talks with Iowa theatre teacher and playwright Emily Hageman. She talks about creating new work with and for her students, the pros and cons of competition, and body-positive casting.

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April 20, 2022

4.32 A Conversation with Jackie Vetter

This week Jimmy talks with Montana teaching artist Jackie Vetter. She talks about her work in psychology and its influence on her theatre work, theatre camps, and new play development with Orphan Girl Children's Theatre.

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April 13, 2022

4.31 A Conversation with Kyle Holmes

This week Jimmy talks with Ranked: The Musical creator Kyle Holmes. He talks about the creation of the hit musical, starting a publishing company, and his desire to provide theatre that matters to young people.

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April 6, 2022

4.30 A Conversation with Joey Yow

This week Jimmy talks with New Jersey theatre and film teacher Joey Yow. He talks about building a thriving middle school program, developing film classes, and his professional work and outreach with his local theatre company.

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March 30, 2022

4.29 A Conversation with Catherine Del Castillo

This week Jimmy talks with New York teaching artist Catherine Del Castillo. She talks about how she was empowered as a young artist and educator, De-centering yourself in your work, and her work with young people in social-emotional learning through …

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March 23, 2022

4.28 A Conversation with Ben Patton and Chris Turner

This week Jimmy talks with two of his senior theatre education majors at ISU, Ben Patton and Chris Turner. They talk about the power of creative drama, forging your own path, and the lessons they have learned on their roads …

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March 16, 2022

4.27 A Conversation with Erik Whitehill

This week Jimmy talks with Arizona elementary music educator and musical composer Erik Whitehill. He talks about his passion for creating musicals for children, collaborations between music and theatre teachers, and maintaining your passion for what you love.

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March 9, 2022

4.26 A Conversation with Lorina Watts

This week Jimmy talks with Texas elementary teacher Lorina Watts. She talks about her passion for teaching little ones, building an elementary program from the ground up, and how to balance all the demands of teaching theatre with life.

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March 2, 2022

4.25 A Conversation with Jeremy Jenkins

This week Jimmy talks with Ohio theatre teacher Jeremy Jenkins. He talks about creating a culture of community, revitalizing a program and designing new curriculum, and recognizing and celebrating the impact we have as theatre teachers.

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Feb. 23, 2022

4.24 A Conversation with J.R. Willard-Rose

This week Jimmy talks with Illinois theatre teacher J.R. Willard-Rose. He talks about his influential theatre teachers, his expansive program, and work/life balance.

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Feb. 16, 2022

4.23 A Conversation with Robyn Needham

This week Jimmy talks with Texas elementary teacher Robyn Needham. She talks about writing original music and musicals, dramatic play, and classroom management with the little ones!

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Feb. 9, 2022

4.22 A Conversation with Emily Lewis

This week Jimmy talks with Alabama theatre teacher Emily Lewis. She talks about giving middle school students a chance to have a voice, providing technical theatre opportunities for middle school students, and collaborations with core teachers.

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Feb. 2, 2022

4.20 A Conversation with Rodrick Freitas

This week Jimmy talks with International School teacher Rodrick Freitas. He talks about his experiences around the world, lessons learned, and an alternative teaching experience for those wanting to travel and take new risks!

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Feb. 2, 2022

4.21 A Conversation with Dustin Loehr

This week Jimmy talks with Dustin Loehr of the Arizona Department of Education. He talks about his work as a teaching artist and teacher prior to his current role, the need for theatre teachers to have a seat at the …

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Jan. 19, 2022

4.19 A Conversation with Deena Cassady

This week Jimmy talks with Illinois theatre teacher Deena Cassady. She talks about her musical theatre roots, in class productions, and theatre field trips!

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Dec. 15, 2021

4.18 A Conversation with Christine DeFrancesco

This week Jimmy talks with Illinois theatre teacher Christine DeFrancesco. She talks about building a program into an academy of fine arts, directing professional and educational theatre, and authenticity with your students.

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Dec. 8, 2021

4.17 A Conversation with Bryan Stanton

This week Jimmy talks with Texas theatre teacher Bryan Stanton. He talks about philanthropic theatre, empowering actors and technicians with disabilities and creating a culture in the theatre program where students see the world is bigger than just them!

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Dec. 6, 2021

4.16 A Conversation with Melissa Wilde

This week Jimmy talks with Milan, Italy elementary theatre teacher Melissa Wilde. She talks about living life internationally, her work with theatre and special education, and teaching in a bilingual school!

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Nov. 24, 2021

4.15 A Conversation with Matt Ludlam

This week Jimmy talks with Texas theatre teacher Matt Ludlam. He talks about his work with Pre-K through elementary students, his own podcast, and his theatre teacher classroom store!

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Nov. 17, 2021

4.14 A Conversation with Collin Andrulonis

This week Jimmy talks with University of Central Oklahoma professor of theatre education Collin Andrulonis. He talks about the impact of his English teacher, Mr. Houston, building a thriving program, and the importance of the work we do as theatre …

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Nov. 10, 2021

4.13 A Conversation with Teri Ang

This week Jimmy talks with middle school teacher Teri Ang. She talks about having a successful long career as a theatre teacher, working with refugee students, and the benefits of creating professional support groups for theatre educators.

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Nov. 3, 2021

4.12 A Conversation with Amy Acchione Myers

This week Jimmy talks with New Jersey theatre teacher Amy Acchoine Myers. She talks about her work in the professional theatre, her unique magnet school she work at, and her great 3-week intensive at The Globe Theatre.

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Oct. 27, 2021

4.11 A Conversation with Frani Rollins

This week Jimmy talks with Frani Rollins of Mercer University in Georgia! She talks about her involvement in USITT, her athletic background, and tips and tricks for non-technical theatre people!

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Oct. 20, 2021

4.10 A Conversation with Tim Evanicki

This week Jimmy talks with Tim Evanicki of The College Audition! He talks about his coaching services, how it helps students/parents/teachers, and what he wishes teachers knew to better help prepare their students for college auditions!

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Oct. 13, 2021

4.09 A Conversation with Lena Paulauskas

This week Jimmy talks with Texas elementary theatre teacher Lena Paulauskas! She shares about her time growing up in Hawaii, setting boundaries, and what to do when you have a bad day at school.

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Oct. 6, 2021

4.08 A Conversation with Shannon Boatwright

This week Jimmy talks with South Carolina middle school teacher Shannon Boatwright! She talks about her experience in professional theatre, film, and television, arts integration, and being in the right place at the right time.

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Sept. 29, 2021

4.07 A Conversation with Jason Lasky

This week Jimmy talks with Jason Lasky based in Dilijan, Armenia. He talks about his work in theatre all around the world, the experiential classroom, and the importance of collaboration.

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Sept. 22, 2021

4.06 A Conversation with Jason Engleman

This week Jimmy talks with creator and CEO of StageAgent, "a one-stop shop to explore plays, study theatre history and practice, find teaching materials, and learn about theatre industry." He talks about digital curriculums, the importance of the teacher in …

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Sept. 15, 2021

4.05 A Conversation with Marla Britton-Johnson

This week Jimmy talks with Waldorf University professor Dr. Marla Britton-Johnson. She talks about the benefit of theatre in other areas and careers, being a jack of all trades, and the balance of being a mom and a full time …

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Sept. 8, 2021

4.04 A Conversation with Danielle Bazinet

This week Jimmy celebrates his 100th interview as he talks with Massachusetts dance and theatre teacher Danielle Bazinet. She talks about her "can do" attitude, musical theatre at the elementary and middle school levels, and how dance and theatre play …

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Sept. 1, 2021

4.03 A Conversation with Josh Vest

This week Jimmy talks with middle school theatre teacher Josh Vest in Manassas, VA! He talks about his passion for teaching, mental health, and his own teacher podcast The Somewhat Happy Hour!

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Aug. 25, 2021

4.02 A Conversation with T.J. Mannix

This week Jimmy talks with New York film and musical theatre educator T.J. Mannix. He talks about pivoting during the pandemic, working with international students, and how teachers can help prepare their students for college programs.

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Aug. 18, 2021

4.01 A Conversation with Marc Weaver

This week Jimmy kicks off Season 4 of THED Talks Podcast with Texas elementary theatre teacher Marc Weaver. They discuss first year teaching during a pandemic, mental health, and theatre for social change with elementary voices.

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