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April 13, 2022

4.31 A Conversation with Kyle Holmes

4.31 A Conversation with Kyle Holmes

This week Jimmy talks with Ranked: The Musical creator Kyle Holmes. He talks about the creation of the hit musical, starting a publishing company, and his desire to provide theatre that matters to young people.



Kyle’s Recommended Resources:

Finding community to combat isolation.  Facebook groups are a great source of community.

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Kyle Holmes

Educator, Director, Playwright and a Co-Founder of Uproar Theatrics

Kyle Holmes is an educator, director, playwright and a co-founder of Uproar Theatrics.

He spent almost a decade as the Director of Theatre Arts at Granite Bay High School in Northern California and currently works with school districts receiving Title I funding to create equitable opportunities in California schools. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and a proud alumni of artEquity’s first National Board Training cohort.

His new musical, RANKED, has been produced at over 50 universities and high schools across the United States, Canada, England and China since 2019 and is the subject of the new HBO Documentary “Ranked… High School Drama!!!” set for release in June 2022.