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Aug. 24, 2022

5.1 A Conversation with Dana Taylor

5.1 A Conversation with Dana Taylor

This week Jimmy kicks off Season 5 with Dana Taylor! Dana is a returning guest from season 2 and brings some great new information about the Backstage Exam, a partnership between USITT and EdTA.  He also talks about life after retirement and his own consulting business Dana W. Taylor Consulting, LLC.

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Dana TaylorProfile Photo

Dana Taylor


Dana W. Taylor spent over twenty-five years teaching technical theatre at the Mt. Vernon Senior High School Fine Arts Academy (Mt. Vernon, IN). He is a writer in the area of technical theatre and served ten years as technical editor for "Dramatics Magazine" and "Teaching Theatre Journal" and was also technical editor for "Basic Drama Projects" 9th Edition and “Concert Lighting: The Art and Business of Entertainment Lighting” 4th Edition. He received the Founder's Award from the Educational Theatre Association in 2011 and in 2014, was the first high school educator to receive the United States Institute for Theatre Technology's Distinguished Achievement Award for Education.

Dana is a past board member of the Entertainment Services and Technology Association and is a current board member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. He is the working group leader for the BACKstage Exam, a joint effort of EdTA and USITT. https://www.usitt.org/education-training/backstage-exam