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Nov. 16, 2022

5.13 A Conversation with Rory Lance Schwartz

5.13 A Conversation with Rory Lance Schwartz

This week Jimmy talks with retired New York theatre teacher Rory Lance Schwartz. He talks about his long career in theatre education, his work as an author, and his work with the NYC Department of Education.

Published 2 works on theatre education: My Year in Vaudeville (MY YEAR IN VAUDEVILLE: or My 26 Years in the Classroom: A FICTIONAL MEMOIR Of A RETIRED DRAMA TEACHER (Because whatever I couldn’t remember, I just made up) and Acting School 

Between Two Days: A Fictional Remembrance



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Rory Lance


I was an NYC high school drama teacher for 26 years and was the first drama teacher allowed to direct a high school production of The Producers. I recently published a memoir about my years studying with Stella Adler entitled, ACTING SCHOOL: My Search For Theatrical Training And The People I Met Along The Way: A Memoir.