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Jan. 25, 2023

5.19 A Conversation with Cody Rogers

5.19 A Conversation with Cody Rogers

This week Jimmy talks with Illinois theatre teacher Cody Rogers. He talks about the struggles of a first-year teacher coming out of COVID, working in a charter school, and the challenges and joys of being an out-gay theatre teacher.

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Cody RogersProfile Photo

Cody Rogers

Drama Teacher

Mr. Cody Rogers is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S in Theatre Teacher Education in 2021. He currently teaches 6-8th Drama at a K-8 charter school in Chicago, Illinois.
Cody has worked multiple years on the Illinois High School theatre Festival Executive Committee and presented multiple workshops with IHSTF. Cody's directing credits include "Bent", "The Bully Plays", and "Bad Auditions, On Camera." Cody's acting credits include "Godspell", "Guys and Dolls", "Into the Woods", and "Dogfight."
Cody is also a current member of the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus, where you can find him singing and performing with 100+ LGBTQ singers from the Chicagoland area.