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May 3, 2023

5.31 A Conversation with Jake Mouchawar

5.31 A Conversation with Jake Mouchawar

This week Jimmy talks with first year middle school theatre teacher Jake Mouchawar. He discusses training to teach in quarantine, the outdatedness of theatre education, and using the theatre classroom for community and community building.

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Jake's Recommended Resources

Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater



Theatre Arts Educator

Jake Mouchawar was mentored by Bethany Nelson and Bob Colby. Nelson and Colby both approached theatre as a means of teaching more than just how to act. Mouchawar also studied under Joshua Streeter, who continues to be one of the writers for the National Theatre Standards for K-12 education in the United States. Jake Mouchawar was awarded the Performing Arts Award for Excellence in Theatre Education before graduating in May 2022. Mouchawar continues to be both a performer and a puppeteer as well as teaching middle school theatre in Massachusetts. Notable stages Mouchawar has performed on include the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

Mouchawar's teaching style is influenced by the previously mentioned mentors, as well as using Viola Spolin and Augusto Boal to teach theatre lessons that are purposefully geared towards creating more well-rounded citizens of the world more than simply teaching students how to be actors. He believes that there is depth and richness in playing silly, light-hearted games. Who said the heart and the mind could not be changed for the better through a little bit of fun?