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Sept. 21, 2022

5.5 A Conversation with Darrin Person

5.5 A Conversation with Darrin Person

This week Jimmy talks with Florida educator and teaching artist Darrin Person. He talks about preparing your students for the theatre business, running his own 501(C)3 Shakespeare company for young people, and product vs. process

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Midnight Shop of Shadows YouTube Channel

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Darrin PersonProfile Photo

Darrin Person

Filmmaker, actor, theatre teacher, husband, father, historian, entrepreneur, and beer brewet

Darrin L Person

Darrin is a theatre artist, filmmaker, historian, and screenwriter. New York born and Kansas City raised, Darrin holds an MFA in theatre and a BGS in film studies. An avid enthusiast of the gothic and the macabre, Darrin hosts a YouTube channel titled The Midnight Show of Shadows. He and his wife Tracy are the proprietors of Southern Alchemy Wellness, an herbal apothecary and herbal store in Tampa, Florida.